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Meet the Operations Team

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

What’s Up Pizza Lovers,

Welcome back to the Dang Blog! Today you’re going to learn all about our operations team but before we get into it, it is important for you to understand what a team lead is here at Dang Brother Pizza!

When our staff comes to your event with our firetruck, the team that comes with it is a group of people that was specifically put together for your event. In each one of those teams is what we call a team lead. This person makes sure we have everything we would need to make your pizza experience nothing but great! They’re there to make sure everything goes perfectly and they are responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly from getting there, to setting up, to serving you some of our delicious ‘za!

First, we have Will and Kyle! As team leads, they attend weekly meetings where the events that happened in the past week are discussed. They then collaborate to make sure they can make the next even better! After that, they go through the week of events to come and discuss what trucks along with drivers would work best for each specific event in order to make sure everything runs smoothly and we are able to give you the best Dang Brother Pizza experience you could ever have!

Wil explains how he’s “never worked somewhere for longer than a year because I was never respected for my talent or dedication. At Dang Brother, I am respected unlike every other job I’ve had. I'm coming up on three years here, three times longer than any other job I’ve ever had so I think that says a lot.”

Having been here so long, Wil foresees more fire truck events and more drivers! A fun fact about Wil is that he went to culinary school in Miami and he considers himself the biggest “nerd” and Dang Brother meme guru!

Next we have Kyle! Kyle as mentioned earlier is another one of our team leads but he is also involved with all things scheduling! Scheduling, done by General Manager Mark and Kyle, is a big role here at Dang Brother. With Dang Brother’s constant bookings, we need to make sure we have the ingredients in time for your event, the drivers, and the chefs to sauce up all those sexy peps!

“My favorite thing about working for Dang Brother is that we’re in a new location every day and that's not something you get at most other jobs. The culture and the atmosphere of the company is like no other and I’m grateful I get to do something like this for work.”

For the future of Dang Brother, Kyle sees us having trucks in multiple states and ovens on every type of vehicle! A fun fact about Kyle is that he coached high school football for 7 years!

Last but not least, the real GLUE to the company… Manda! Manda is our warehouse manager here at Dang Brother and her role is crucial to the operation that gets put on for every event. Manda is responsible for maintaining the functionality of the warehouse where our trucks, portable kitchens, and ingredients are stored. Manda prepares everything that needs to be taken to an event, prep work, coordinates with our wood guys to keep our ovens ablazin, and she is in charge of the inventory of everything Dang Brother!

“I love this job because it is always a good vibe when I come to work which is hard to find these days. I also have a few other jobs so Dang Brothers ability to accommodate my other responsibilities is great… it’s always a great workout having to carry around 50 pound sacks of flour everyday,” Manda explains.

For the future of Dang Brother, Manda sees a physical storefront location and eventually franchising out to different cities and states around the country! A fun fact about Manda is that one of her other jobs is that she is a professional wrestler!

Thank you guys for tuning in weekly for our “Meet the Team” series! Be sure to check in Sunday for the Meet the Fleet Blog where you will hear from CEBRO Kevin Spenla himself!

Good Vibes Only,



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