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Get to know the Dang Brother Culture!

What’s Up Pizza Lovers,

Welcome back to the Dang Blog! We have been so happy being able to see all of your pizza-loving faces these past few weeks. Getting to do our Memorial Day Parade, golf tournaments, and doing events for y’all has been so fun and we couldn't be happier to be catering all of your special occasions. In recent weeks, we’ve received many inquiries about what the Dang Brother experience is like and today we’d like to break it down for you all!

Having an event catered by Dang Brother Pizza is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that does not disappoint. First, to book us we recommend contacting us here about 2 - 3 months in advance. Although there are times when we are able to squeeze in a last-minute event, we cannot guarantee this for every last-minute inquiry. Everything depends on how booked we are for that month and whether we have the trucks, the staff, and the inventory to make the event happen.

Upon inquiring, we will contact you within 48 hours in order to discuss dates, times, locations, trucks, pizzas, attire, and cost to make sure we are working within your budget. We want to make your event as perfect as possible so we will ensure that every detail is considered.

Once everything is squared away, on the day of the event, our staff will arrive at your location about an hour to an hour and a half before serving time begins. We will call the point of contact so that they can direct us to the spot in which we will set up our truck and kitchen! Once we’ve set up our spot to your liking, we will begin to unload our tables, tent, and ingredients so that the party may begin! Once serving continues, you will slowly notice our staff getting more and more covered in flour, sauce, cheese, and sexy peps as they work on busting out those pizzas.

Once the end of the serving time begins to roll around, we will look for the point of contact to make sure that there is nothing else you may need from us. If we still have dough left over, we always offer to make some last pizzas and box them in order for guests to continue enjoying the ‘za even after we’ve left! Depending on what was discussed when booking, you can either pay us prior to our arrival or our sales team will inform us to bring a credit card machine to the event for you to pay!

We here at Dang Brother rely on communication in order to make the event everything you dream it to be. Please contact us today to inquire about your event! Whether it is months away or weeks away, we will do our best to make it happen! We can't wait to talk to you pizza lovers and bring you the best traveling pizza experience here on the west coast!

Good Vibes Only,


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