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About Us


Dang Brother Pizza is a pizza lifestyle brand. We're proud to bring authentic, mobile wood-fired pizza to all parts of San Diego with our custom firetrucks. Good times and good vibes served with a side of life-changing pizza.

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Our Story

Founder and CE(BR)O Kevin Spenla, started the company in 2012. After a couple of drinks, he decided to bid on a vintage fire truck in West Virginia. After finding out he won the bidding, he began the process of importing an Italian oven and installing it into the back of the truck. In the first week of business Kevin, joined by his four brothers and his grandfather, followed the riders of RAGBRAI in Iowa and tried to feed them. This was the maiden voyage of Dang Brother. After this, Kevin shipped the truck from Iowa to Arizona. After a few events in Arizona, he shipped the truck to San Diego where the company began its expansion.

Meet The DANG crew