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What's up Pizza Lovers,

Dang Brother Pizza started with a little alcohol, a computer, and an impulse decision to bid on a fire truck. Now, nearly ten years later, Dang Brother is thriving down in San Diego with not just one, but four fire trucks. It’s time to meet the DB Fleet!

The first truck Kevin acquired for our colorful collection was Larabelle, the 1974 American LaFrance fire truck from the Warner Brothers Studio Fire Department!

After driving that truck back from Ragbrai, Kevin hit the ground running in San Diego, serving up pizzas all over the county. When he realized that the fire truck concept was well received, he decided to expand. Leaving Larabelle in Camp Pendleton as a permanent new home with former partner Daniel, Kevin decided to grow the fleet in San Diego. Keeping his eye out for more retired trucks, Kevin was eager to expand the fleet.

Over the years, Kevin added four new trucks to the company and renovated each into the unique fire trucks that San Diego has grown to love today. Now, with five trucks, a trailer oven, a Rocc box and an additional support food truck we call “The Time Machine,” the Dang Brother team travels across southern California, delivering the most superior woodfired pizza experience for all to enjoy.

Meet the Dang Brother Fleet:

Lil Red

Big Red


Ol’ Yellow

Time Machine

Thanks for tuning in Pizza Lovers. We'll see you next week for our content creators blog!

Good Vibes Only,


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