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Valentine's Day The Dang Brother Way

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

A blue fire truck with a woodfired oven in back catering a wedding.
Mark and Kevin about to cater a wedding.

What’s up Pizza Lovers,

Dang Brother staff BACK today to let you know what our staff is gifting our loved one this Valentine’s Day! We know this time of year is hard for everyone! Whether your valentine is your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mom, dad, yourself…. or for most of us here at Dang brother… our dogs… we’re bringing you our best gift ideas for anyone and everyone!

1. Chocolates and flowers

Something like chocolates and flowers works for everyone… even yourself if that’s the case! I mean who doesn’t love some roses on the table with a box of chocolates to munch on while crying your heart out watching “P.S. I love you???”

2. A Snuggie!

One of the first things you think of when you hear Valentine’s day is snuggling right? Well, this one is the perfect option if that’s the first thing that comes to mind for you too! Snuggies are a great human alternative if you don’t have one this Valentine’s day to accompany you. Dogs love them too! Be careful though, you may find they will begin to rather snuggle with the snuggie than with you.

3. Create your own homemade coupons!

This one is one of the most common and personal gifts we’ve seen this Valentine’s day! This one can be made into something intimate, funny, or if you want to treat yourself this is a great way to do it too! Just create a list of things you want to do or buy/receive and there you go! Choose to use a coupon once a week or however often you want! Not only is it fun to create but it’s something to look forward to for however long it may last you!

4. Underwear/Sock/Pillow with a face on it

There are so many websites nowadays that create customized underwear, socks, or even things like pillows! You can put your face on almost anything so that your loved one, best friend, or parents don’t ever forget about you! If it’s for yourself, be sure to put the hottest picture of your celebrity crush and the rest is history.

5. Alcohol

This one is a no-brainer. Whether it’s wine, whiskey, vodka, or TWEAS…. You simply cannot go wrong (as long as you’re of age of course)! We don’t necessarily recommend this one for your dog, but for everyone else, this is a great gift and will always result in a good time!

6. A Heart-Shaped Pizza

What says I love you better than a delicious heart-shaped pizza?? Here at Dang Brother, anything is possible. We can create a heart, star, or any shape your dirty mind desires! Anything is possible at this pizza catering company just ask and we can make it a reality!

With Valentine’s day just a week away, our Wedding bookings for the year are quickly filling up! Stay tuned for our SPECIAL Valentine’s day Wedding Catering blog post to find out what types of things we do/offer for Wedding Catering here at Dang Brother Pizza!

Good Vibes Only,


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