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Meet the Sales Team

What’s Up Pizza Lovers,

Welcome back to the Dang Blog where you’re going to learn all about our sales team! This team consists of three members who work closely to make sure that our clients are always coming first. Michael, Jody and Kayla meet weekly to book events, discuss incoming leads, and to make sure that the money side of things are all set to go before it's time to serve up some delicious za!

First, we have one of the brothers himself, Michael! The baby Spenla plays a huge role on the sales team as our festival specialist. Although Michael books all types of events, festivals are his favorite because not only is it amazing exposure for the Dang Brother brand, but it is one of the most exciting events to be able to work!

On the sales team, Michael is responsible for setting up events, dealing with clients, and booking events like festivals, golf tournaments and much more. He is always making sure that our clients are happy before and after events in order to create a great customer service experience.

Michael explains that he “really enjoys working with the sales team because not only do they make my job easier but I don't dread going to meetings.. which means a lot to me. My team is great and getting to coordinate events has never been easier.”

Next, we have Jody! As a part of the sales team, Jody focuses on the wedding events we get to do here at Dang Brother Pizza! Whether that be a wedding rehearsal, engagement party, or the wedding itself, Jody is your girl!

To learn more about Jody and her vital role here as the wedding specialist, head over to our "Dang Brother Wedding" blog! Her ability to make a couple's special day the day they always dreamed of is unlike any other.

Last but not least, we have Kayla! If you just so happened to read the "Meet the Marketing Team" blog, then you know who this is! Kayla is a woman of many roles here at Dang Brother Pizza and being a part of the sales team is one of them! On the sales team, Kayla handles all incoming leads and disburses them accordingly to either Michael or Jody depending on what type of event it may be!

“Honestly, no event is the same. Things are constantly changing here which makes it exciting and it’s been really fun getting to bring all of the departments I’m a part of, together” Kayla explains.

We hope you enjoyed learning about all things sales here at Dang Brother Pizza! Stay tuned every Sunday for our blog series where you will get to learn about how the Dang Brother experience is brought to you! Next week we will be introducing the operations team so you can get to know the people who are getting our traveling kitchens whenever you need us to be!

Good Vibes Only,


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