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Meet the Marketing TEAM

What’s up Pizza Lovers,

Welcome back to the Dang Blog where we’re going to tell you all about our marketing team and what they do in order to make the pizza making services successful and to keep the company always on their toes!

The marketing team consists of members who are constantly brainstorming together to see how Dang Brother can grow and continue their business through marketing efforts. This team is responsible for the social media posts you see daily on Instagram and Facebook, our website, and many many more things. It’s unbelievable how many things must go on behind the scenes in order to maintain a successful and in demand company!

First, we have Brett, the team sponsor! Bretts job is to make sure each team member has the resources and information that they need in order to be successful and efficient in their marketing efforts. He makes sure the team aligns their goals with organizational goals in order to be successful throughout time and all social media platforms.

“One of the things I really love about this team is how much freedom it offers for the members to get creative. It’s a tight-knit team that has a special creative flow unlike any other team I’ve seen,” explains Brett.

For the future of Dang Brother Pizza, Brett really believes it's just a wildcard! Will we have multiple storefronts or burn all our trucks down? He’ll give both of these options an equal chance! A fun fact about Brett is that he has two french bulldogs and his wife and him just had a baby.

Next, we have Marissa. Marissa is the marketing team lead which means that she is responsible for the oversight of campaigns and individual projects that the team is working on. She is also responsible for keeping everything organized, from our project ideas to the completion of them. She's on top of it all!

Marissa explains how “one of my favorite things about working on this team is the ability to be creative and work alongside other creative minds for the betterment of the company. Everyone that works on this team has such a great relationship with one another and I think this is something that really contributes to the success we’ve been having in our marketing efforts.”

Marissa believes that Dang Brother has the potential to continue growing. Maybe add another truck or two and five more people to drive them and Dang Brother Pizza will have the ability to be the most sought after pizza catering truck in southern California! A fun fact about Marissa is that she enjoys crocheting blankets in her free time.

Next we have Kayla, someone who has many roles here at Dang Brother. As a member of multiple teams in the company, Kayla's involvement on both the marketing and sales teams helps create a bridge which then helps the company overall when it comes to event updates and all things scheduling. On the marketing team specifically, Kayla is responsible for all things graphic design! This includes the website, the menu designs, and the instagram aesthetic we aim to achieve.

Kayla explains that her “favorite thing about working on this team is how well we work together and how we’re always asking and answering questions.” As someone who’s far away from home, “this company and my roles within has really given me a home away from home where I can express myself creatively. Even though some of us have different visions, we’re so good at coming together and making it blend that it makes the experience fun.”

For the future of Dang Brother, Kayla wouldn't be surprised if Dang Brother expanded throughout the whole West Coast and beyond! A fun fact about Kayla is that she is a self taught photographer and she can tell if an avocado is ripe by shaking it.

Next, we have Isabel. As a member of the team, Isabel is responsible for the copy that is written across platforms, the organization of monthly newsletters, and all publicity efforts. She tries to book news segments, blog features and more in order to get Dang Brother better known in the southern california area and beyond!

“I really love working with this team because in such a short amount of time, my team members have become my family. As a certified “meatball,” making the move from New Jersey was something I struggled with for a while. Once I joined this team, I immediately felt like I had a purpose and a support system in all aspects of my life, not just work,” explains Isabel.

For the future of Dang Brother, Isabel believes the company can have dozens of vintage fire trucks across the states, franchising and becoming a well known pizza catering company nationwide. A fun fact about Isabel is that she can't live without music, it’s what keeps her energized and ready for anything the world (or Dang Brother) is about to throw at her.

Next, we have Jose! Jose is the go to for all things event and marketing videography.

“Being able to film at all the different events and places that Dang Brother Pizza caters for is the best part about working for this team. This company works some cool events and it's a lot of fun getting to go, hanging out with coworkers, and capturing those special moments,” explains Jose.

For the future of Dang Brother, Jose sees a fully booked year of events including some larger LA events! A fun fact about Jose is that he was in a MySpace metal band in high school and they got really big in Japan!

If you are someone who is interested in being a part of the growth of the unique Dang Brother Pizza catering company and everything it has to offer, please go ahead and fill out the survey linked here! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how you could become a part of this amazing family at Dang Brother Pizza.

We hope you enjoyed learning about who the people are behind the scenes of all the content that Dang Brother brings to you! Stay tuned every Sunday for our blog series! Next week we will be introducing the sales team and guiding you through the behind the scenes process of how events get booked here at Dang Brother Pizza.

Good Vibes Only,


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