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What’s up Pizza Lovers,

Welcome back to the Dang Blog! We’ve got a lot going on and a lot coming to you all in the coming months! At Dang brother, we have three content creators that bring you the content that you all love.

Our first content creator to join the Dang Brother team is Justin! Five years ago, Justin joined the team after an event where he noticed we were slammed and offered to hop in and help! Quickly, Justin became a part of the fam and has been capturing the behind-the-scenes Dang Brother way through his camera lens to better showcase to you how we get it done over here! King of Hammers, Glamis, and Ragbrai are just a few of Justin's favorite places he's been able to work with Dang Brother.

Justin explains how “one of the best things about working for Dang Brother is the different places it has brought me. Being able to travel to places like the desert, different wineries, golf courses, and everywhere else has been awesome and I honestly can't imagine working anywhere else and being able to do what I do.”

Our next content creator here at Dang Brother is Kayla! Kayla has been here a year as of today with Dang Brother and she describes her job as a “fun, organized chaos.” She moved here from Delaware to work for Dang Brother on a whim and if she had the chance to go back and change anything, she wouldn't. She saw the opportunity to grow with this family and attempt to bring her visions to their world.

Kayla says that she “has so many roles with this company so being a part of the content creation here has been the side of things where I’m able to let my creativity flow and capture what the company is really all about… good vibes only”

Last but not least, we have Jose! Jose has been here for about five years! As our go-to videographer, Jose is the one creating the reels and different videos you get to see on all of our social media platforms! Dang Brother has taught him to show up with no expectations which at first was something he complained about but now has grown to love! After all this time, Jose has figured out the “Dang Brother Formula.” Show the product and who's making it and get a snapshot of the vibes because every event provides a different one!

Jose uses a variety of wide and tight shots to achieve the great videos you get to see on our website and social media accounts which is where the real magic is. Whether that's Mark busting out some dance moves, the girls getting goofy in the kitchen, or Wil doing something cool with dough, his job is made easy almost always.

“I used to edit slow cinematic shots but now I’m trying to get more stimulating fun sexy pizza things,” explains Jose. “It's hard to take a bad picture when everything about making pizza out of a fire truck looks so fire.”

Thank you to everyone who loves our content and is constantly engaging with us! The work we do is for YOU. The good vibes are meant to be spread and our goal is to make sure that our vibes are translated into our work, our content, and essentially our pizza! Tune in weekly for our Dang Blog to learn more about Dang Brother Pizza and how we aim to please you!

Good Vibes Only,


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