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A Dang Brother Wedding

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

What’s up Pizza Lovers,

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovers out there! Today’s blog is a special one as we got to interview our Wedding Specialist, Jody! Jody has been working with Dang Brother Pizza almost since the beginning and has become the ultimate coordinator for all things Dang Brother wedding catering! In this blog, we will be answering any questions you may have about how we do weddings here at Dang Brother, but first, a little bit about Jody!

Originally from Arroyo Grande, California, Jody attended college in Santa Barbara and went into a corporate atmosphere while catering a bed and breakfast! After growing bored with her corporate gig, Jody opened a restaurant in Santa Barbara with a friend which is still up and running! Jody went on to adventure the world but ended up in San Diego in the early 90’s and hasn't left Southern California since!

It was at a celebrity golf event where Jody met owner Kevin and they hit it off. Jody was asked to join the Dang Brother team, and this is when she became Kevin’s right hand woman! During these early years, Kevin was still working full time as an architect, so Jody’s responsibilities within the company were great. She did everything from taking the pictures to doing the payroll!

As the company grew, someone suggested that Jody would be great as the wedding coordinator. Everyone agreed that this role couldn't have been more perfect for her! Jody saw this as an amazing opportunity for herself and the company and accepted the role. Her ability to work with a bride to make sure everything is perfect for her special day is unlike any other. She can't think of a more fulfilling job to have than this one.

Dang Brother weddings have thrived under Jody's guidance. Her creativity, customer service, and ability to make a bride feel special on her day is unrivaled. Any bride would be lucky to have Jody in her corner on that big day.

Now, let's get into what Dang Brother Pizza offers for weddings and why we should be catering it for you!

1. Menu Customization

What pizzas you want on your special day is totally up to you! Depending on your budget, Jody can work with you on what type of appetizers and which pizzas you'd like to have for you and your guests. You can have anything from 2 to 5 to 7 pizza options! We also provide salad starters and a variety of different appetizers to choose from! We’re flexible and we’re here to make sure everything looks the way you want it to.

2. Food Presentation

Dang Brother offers an upgraded setup to make sure that we compliment your venue and your guests! For a more elevated presentation, we have a live edge piece of wood placed front and center. This is where the pizzas will be placed, hot and ready to be devoured by your hungry guests!

3. Truck Presentation

Although the truck is super cool, we know it is old and has definitely been through it. For special moments like this one, we make sure to add LED lights to the truck so that it compliments the occasion!

4. Staff Presentation

We know Dang Brother is known for our casual good vibes, but for weddings, we make sure to dress to impress! Our chefs and servers will be dressed in a black chef's coat with black pants to match the experience.

5. Cocktail Hour Option

We suggest getting one of our charcuterie boards for your cocktail hour! These boards are Jody’s specialty and we work with you to make sure you are getting the right amount of food depending on the amount of guests you expect. We can do something smaller for a more intimate wedding or something larger for that bigger guest list. This can be a great touch to your cocktail hour as it provides something to snack on and admire before beginning the celebration! Who doesn't love a beautiful cheese and meat board with a nice cocktail to start off the night?

Dang Brother wedding catering is something that is continuing to grow over time thanks to Jody. We can't wait to see what our wedding side of things continues to grow into as a result of having her in charge. Her attention to detail and great customer service is something we’re extremely proud of here at Dang Brother and we wouldn't want anyone else in charge (and we think our customers would agree with us on that).

Get in contact with us today by filling out our inquiry form or reach out to us at with all of your wedding questions and concerns! Jody can't wait to talk to you and make sure all of your special day needs are fulfilled and is as perfect as we know we will help make it be.

Good Vibes Only,


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